Yes, tis the season. The season of those dreaded creatures, the giver of heebie jeebies, the blood sucking, ever thirsty tick. Every outdoor enthusiast has, at one or another, come into contact with ticks. These sneaky arachnids are found lurking in the seemingly friendly outdoors waiting for that opportune moment to catch a ride with their next victim. Keep these parasites off you by remembering the below prevention tactics:

1) Avoid woody and bushy areas, walk in the clearest part of the path. Avoid brushing up against limbs, branches, and bushes.

2) Use bug spray to repel the ticks. Your best bet is using at least a 20% DEET product.

3) Make sure you do not have exposed skin. Long pants, long socks, fully laced boots, help to keep the ticks from finding their tasty treat.

4) Your last line of defence is thoroughly checking yourself and your clothing after coming in from your outdoor adventure (or outdoor chores). Examine everything: yourself, your clothes, your gear, your pets, your kids. You get the picture.

5) Running your dry clothes through the dryer for at least 10 minutes on high heat or washing your clothes in hot water then drying fully will also kill those little buggers. 

Being outside is a great time, taking precautions saves your precious memories of the day without that "remember when I found a tick on me" story that never dies...

Happy trails.


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