Do you have a grab and go bag that is ready if something were to happen? Does it have some essential items prepared in case of emergency? If not, you are not alone. Most don't have this basic necessity ready. And a necessity it is, as you never know when you may need to evacuate. Hopefully, you will never have to use it. But as they say, better safe than sorry.... I will list out some of the basics. Of course, you will want to customize the items with those things you will need in your area.

Start with a bag, making sure it is big enough for the items you need, then leave some room for items you want. 

You can go small and compact, such as our 34L MOLLE Backpack; medium for additional items, such as our 50L MOLLE or 55L MOLLE packs; or large, such as our 60L or 90L duffels. Just remember, don't pack more than you can comfortably carry for long distances. 

Next: pack some necessities. 

~Water is an essential! Store bottles, include iodine tablets, and/or water filtration units. This personal straw is a nice compact model.

~Food is your next essential. MRE's, energy/nutrition bars, or anything high protein that keeps for an extended time.

~Clothing items such as socks, pants, jacket.

~Emergency Hand Crank Radio, this one also has a light.

~Matches/lighters, use this waterproof container to keep them dry. This can also be used for other supplies or medications.

~Survival Kit, this kit contains many of the essential items in one waterproof container. 

~Take a good headlamp, this one has many options. Don't forget the extra batteries!

~Solar lights or lanterns are a good bet as well. This lantern folds up and is waterproof.

~A small compact shelter always comes in handy.

~Don't forget a light sleeping bag that is lightweight and compact.

~A supply of paracord can be utilized in a multitude of ways.


The above list will get you started out. You should customize based on where you live and how many people you may be supporting. There are so many items you will probably want, but keep it down to those items that are essential and you can carry. For additional items you may want to keep ready, buying an additional storage container may be an option for you. 

As a reminder, don't just put it away and forget it. Schedule a time to open it up, look through the contents, and replace any expired or worn items as needed.

It is the best package I hope you never have to use!








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