Who doesn't enjoy the solitude and quite time of the great outdoors on a solo adventure? It's the perfect time to clear your head and concentrate on the beauty of nature, taking in the scenery and just being free. Before you just jump in your vehicle and hit your favorite trail, there are some important items to take care of... so you come back. 

1) Prepare your pack with all the necessities you will require based on the terrain you will encounter, the timeframe you will be gone, and the weather where you are going. Don't know what these are? Then sit your butt down and research it out. Going in blind without the adequate supplies and knowledge is definitely not advisable. Doh!

2) Know your area. Know where the trails are, what difficulties you may encounter, and what non-friendlies (aka predators, aka animals that want to eat you) are in the area.

3) Tell someone where you are going, how long you expect to be gone, and when you will be back. I advise utilizing technology here. Invest in a GPS tracking or signaling device. This may be your super best friend someday. And if you never use it? Then hurray! But it's there just like that zit cream you keep in your drawer, there if you ever need it.

4) Can you handle it? No, really. Are you in the physical shape necessary to go where you plan to go? Do you really know your limitations? If this makes you stop and think, instead of rolling your eyes, then go walk up the stairs or take a walk around your neighborhood. Are you breathing heavy? Uh-huh...

5) Did I mention packing the right supplies? Don't get skimpy here. There are many websites that list this out, depending on how long you are going to be on walkabout. Do your homework. The basics are usually perfect for a day hike, obviously it gets more intense the longer you go. Plan it out and don't be stupid by not bringing anything. The only thing that will accomplish is you sunburned, bitten by bugs, and dehydrated.

All in all, trekking out by yourself can be an awesome time. Communing with nature and all that jazz. Solitude = serenity. So by all means, go out. See the world. But, be prepared and come back. Without getting lost. Alive. In one piece. And happy.




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